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Chachapoyas – a hidden gem in Northern Peru!

I know tons of people who go to Peru every year. With one of the world’s top most attractions to see in Southern Peru (Macchu Picchu, I am looking at you!) northern Peru doesnt get much of a chance. Especially when its way out in the middle of nowhere. We discovered that Northern Peru is our favorite part of Peru, thanks to a gem called Chachapoyas. To get to Chacha from Ecuador or elsewhere in Peru is no easy task. Check out my previous post  about how to get here.

Chacha is located amidst some beautiful natural scenery. Its the base if you want to visit Kuelap ruins and Gocta falls. We stayed at the kind and friendly Hotel Amazonas on the main plaza (just walk around it once and you’ll find it) @ 40 soles/night (private room + bathroom).

Highlights of Chachapoyas:

Market scene

Gotca Falls

Purple corn – maiz morada

Fruit bounty in the market

spotted! soya milk

Plaza de armas – Chachapoyas

A ubiquitous juice shop in the market –  The quinoa drink here is very good

  •  Super laid back main square with really friendly people. We would get stopped every now and then by a curious local wanting to know more about us. By the end of our stay there, we were greeting people with holas every time we went to the square.
  • We met Diana, the bollywood fan. She was helping her friend sell some jewelry and she jumped with delight when she saw us. She was eager to tell us that she loved Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukerjee and Kajol.
  • We met a school teacher, who likes to visit the plaza every day in the evening. We even got interviewed for the local paper by his reporter friend.
  • 2 vegetarian restaurants and a superb market selling the freshest of produce. See my blog post here.
  • Finding vegan cookies at the mini mart on the plaza and other goodies. See the map in the link above for more info. What a delightful mini mart!
  • We got lost in Chacha’s market. There is a spice vendor there who will sell various spice mixes, freshly mixed.
  • The Peru Tourism Office on the main plaza is a great find. They are a nation wide tourism chain and have fantastic maps. They speak very good english and will call other offices to find specific information for you.
  • The spicy sauce in Las Rocas restaurant on the main plaza. Very friendly owner!
  • Totally safe and muy tranquillo.
  • Base for the wonderful Kuelap ruins, which is a beautiful ruin.
Cost Facts:
  • Day trips to Kuelap cost 50 soles/person and includes lunch and a guide. Book at Turismo Explorer on the main plaza.
  • Day trips to Gocta falls cost 60 soles/person, incl. lunch and guide. (vegetarian options available). In fact, lunch was really tasty!