Crave To Travel

It’s finally happening!

For at least three years now, we’ve been telling our friends that we’ll go on our RTW (round the world) trip. We were surely going on our journey, but it felt so far away at times. For the longest time, we really didn’t have a concrete idea on when we would actually do it.

Sometime around August 2011, things started falling in place. We zeroed in on a quarter, and then a month, and then a week and finally a date. About two weeks ago, we finally bought our tickets.

We are heading to Colombia on December 4th from Los Angeles. As we cross things off our checklist, reality is sinking in slowly but surely.

In the past 2 weeks, we’ve made the following rather drastic moves:

  • Informed our respective workplaces of our intention to quit
  • Notified our landlord
  • Bought our air tickets to Bogota, Colombia. (buying a one way ticket would make it more dramatic, but consulates wont like it, so we got a return ticket)
  • Started consolidating our finances to a more travel-friendly account
  • Obtained credit cards that dont charge a foreign transaction fee
  • And going crazy with visa runs
In the next 25 days, we have: friends to say bye to, a house to vacate, belongings to purge, valuables to store and visas to get.
Busy, busy!