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Complete Guide to Quilotoa Loop, Ecuador

Some information about the Quilotoa Loop and how to go about doing it. There are many ways to do it. Here, with this plan, you can do it even if you do not want to trek, but just want a very different experience.

Nearest big city is Latacunga. From the terrace of Hostal Tiana, you can get a clear view of the Cotopaxi. Latacunga has a vibrant market and plenty of ‘peluquerias’. 

Quito to Latacunga:

From Quito’s Terminal Quitumba – its the last stop on the troll bus on circuits C2 and C4. Buses are color coded and 25 c a ride. Wait for empty trole. 1.50 ticket + 0.20 terminal fee. Really swanky bus terminal. Looks better than many airports sans long security lines. Ticket counter 20/21 have tickets for Latacunga. 1.5 hr bus ride. Hostal Tiana very cute place to stay. Bunks are really spacious and have reading lamps.


  • Bus from Latacunga departs at 11 AM. Terminal #16 Vivero bus.
  • Bus costs $2.50 per person and there is a bus later in the afternoon. There is also a minivan that leaves for Latacunga around 3 PM.
  • Around 1.30 PM to 2.30 PM, there is a bus that goes to Chugchillan from Quilotoa. Need to wait from 1.30 pm on the street.
  • Latacunga to Quilotoa bus timings – 10, 11.30, 2 and 3.30
  • Hostal Chukirawa @ $10/person including breakfast and dinner. Clean rooms. 


  • Mama Hilda hostel – food + stay @ $30/2 people. There are other hostels too.
  • Lovely hostel with great hosts
  • Milk truck leaves at 8.30-9.30 AM in the morning to Sigchos. Or early AM bus ~ 4.30 AM. $2/person.
  • Bus ride to Chugchillan @ $1


  • Bus from Latacunga to Sigchos @ $1.80/person. Easily available from the bus terminal. 
  • We walked into a nice restaurant at Sigchos and requested them to make me a vegetarian meal. $3.60 for 2.