Crave To Travel


We are an Indian couple (and a little toddler) who love to travel, but have to deal with absurd visa rules and requirements to fulfill our dream of long term, spontaneous travel.

After a lot of planning, dreaming and budgeting, we finally took a break from our corporate lives to travel for four months across South America in December 2011. We traveled for four months and relocated to India, our home country for 2 years. We barely scratched the surface of our wanderlust there by road-tripping on weekends and holidays; even went to gorgeous Bhutan to celebrate our anniversary.

Our South America backpacking route

San Francisco –> Colombia — (land crossing) —> Ecuador –(land crossing)—> Peru –(Air Crossing)-> Chile —Land crossing—> Bolivia –> San Francisco.

We now live in the San Francisco bay area, and are proud parents of an energetic two year old girl who keeps us on our toes. Our little one went on her first 5-hour road trip when she was 14 days old and took her first trans pacific flight at 6 months.

We have never forgotten the sense of joy and peace our time in South America gave us and we’re definitely planning to do more long term travel in the future with our kid(s). To that end, we’re pursuing minimalism, financial and location independence as we strongly believe these areas can aid us in our quest of wandering often without deadlines.

In general we are a frugal couple who would rather spend our money in seeing new places than pursuing new stuff – therefore family travel on a budget will remain the focus of this blog.

Upcoming 2016 travels

After staying put for a while, we’re ready to travel more in 2016. We’re heading to Banff National Park in the summer and probably Mexico for over the holidays (update: to be determined based on the Zika situation). Mr and Mrs C2T have full time jobs and limited holidays (for now), so we’ll do the best we can.

I really enjoy writing this blog about our travels and all the things we do in life to make it happen. I will be writing, albeit at a slow pace, especially with a high-energy child in the tow.